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My Reasons for Donating

Donating for the first time I was a bit hesitant, and asked myself into what I got myself.  It was becoming a strange thought thinking I will be having a child somewhere out there.

The first recipient didn’t give in, February 2013 I then went for all appointments and took the medication on the day before retrieval I had mixed emotions didn’t know what to expect if everything will go well or not.  With the support I got from Jenny I then regained my confidence.

On the retrieval day everything went smooth.  I couldn’t wait to donate again.  By the end of 2013 got a call again but unfortunately I was unable to donate I was 6 months fully pregnant.

It really breaks my heart whenever I think there is someone out there who’s willing to give in whatever they got just to have that little person to call them mom or dad, and to some of us it’s not really that difficult to conceive.

I then got a call from Jenny in August 2015, and I was shocked how strange I felt.  I don’t know why because I did donate before.  I went for all screenings.  When I was about to go for the last injection my little boy accidentally burnt himself with hot tea.  It was chaotic and confusing.  My mind was all over the place.  As soon as I was at the clinic with my son, it clicked in my mind that someone out there wants to have the feeling I had the feeling of being a mother, even if it means you should put your own life in danger to save your child’s.

Every egg donor has their own reasons as why they want to give their eggs to couples or single ladies.  Mine is to give that particular someone the joy of being a parent.  I don’t know all the recipients but all I want to say is that please take good care of that precious baby and I wish you all the best.”

It was amazing and easy from start to finish, doctors, nurses and everybody that works at the fertility clinic and hospital including psychologists and not forgetting my agent baby2mom.

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  • Jenny

    10/9/2015 12:26:25 PM | Reply

    It was a real pleasure and honour working with this lady again.  She really went the extra mile and applied herself as best as possible.  She even booked into a hotel near the clinic the night before the retrieval to ensure she was prompt for the special day!  An amazing lady!

  • Jain Hospital

    2/2/2020 4:16:56 PM | Reply

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