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Privilege to donate your eggs

To all our egg donors, it is usually a pleasure and honour to work with you and without your special precious amazing gift, the joy and experiences of parenthood would be sadly missed and absent.

I would also like to start the year off highlighting that with this special gift you give comes a responsibility to honour the promise and obligation to ensure that you give the process the very best of yourself.

Many people spend a significant amount of funds and energy on not only the fertility treatment, the donor donation, medication, doctor's visits, etc, but also on flights, accommodation, time off work, travels and many other aspects involved in an egg donation cycle.

Once an egg donor gives her thumbs up as being available and committed (after the detailed discussion), so starts the process of hope, excitement, prayers for this egg donor, planning and dreaming and of course the decision to proceed with the treatment in South Africa or the specific clinic based on the prior consent.  It is for the most an absolute given that when a person withdraws following such consent, these dreams and hopes result in tears, sadness and a further despair. 

To all our egg donors, please consider not only the financial but also the emotional implications once you make your promise. 

The responsibilities are not unreasonable and are within a reasonable time frame, but these are the big picture bullets of your responsibilities:
  • Availability to go for a psychological assessment
  • Availability for internal scan and blood tests - per appointments that will be set up
  • Keeping Jenny posted of progress and being available for communications.  A special donor currently in Cape Town for an egg donation cycle comes to mind, when I sms her, she 'please calls me back' immediately. 
  • Following the instruction after everything is planned, taking the pill, stopping the pill, starting injections, coming for appointments and
  • Having the egg retrieval.

Please see more about the committment process when confirming to be available for an egg donation cycle.

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