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Psychological Screening for Egg Donors

The ethical guidelines for egg donation in South Africa indicate that egg donors need to have at least an annual psychological assessment.

This is a crucial control to ensure that ladies are emotionally and mentally ready and equipped to proceed on an egg donor cycle. 

I visited Leanne van der Westhuizen in Cape Town to get a sense of the vibe in which she engages with the egg donors.  What a beautiful office I entered into.  I felt like I entered a state of calm immediately and thought what a lovely setting this is.  No stiff chairs, no desk, just a warm room with carefully selected lighting and decor.  It was like a yoga or meditation room.

Leanne, a counselling clinic psychologist, specialising in fertility aspects is warm, open and triggers a sense of calm.  Her eye contact invited me to share and enagage in a relaxed manner. 

Her carefully selected decor in her environment suggested a sense of focusing on the relevant issues in life.

Egg donors  (and any others seeing Leanne) are invited to make themselves comfortable on the couch for an informative but thorough session.

Leanne is based at the premises of Cape Fertlity Clinic (since 2007) but works independently and always receives a fantastic review of all our egg donors.

Thank you for your hospitality Leanne.

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