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Required BMI To Donate Eggs

In terms of medical guidelines ladies need to have an optimal BMI to donate their eggs.  This is in their best interests and of course that of the recipients.

BMI is defined as the body's calculation of weight based on weight and height.

Whilst ladies may conceive well and naturally if their BMI is outside of the required criteria, to optimise the fertility and chances for conception, egg donors should have a BMI of between 18 and 30.  See also how weight impacts on egg quality here.

The fertility treatment is very expensive and emotional and medically people need the very best chances.

Recently one of our egg donors shared her success story about this very topic.  A few years ago, we had to decline her application as her BMI was was too high.  I was astounded at her dedication and motivation to loose weight to qualify as an egg donor.  See this picture as inpirational for ladies who have previously been advised that their BMI was too high.  We applaud her committment to herself and effort to help another.

More on wholesome food options to get to the ideal BMI.

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