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Role of Genes in Egg Donation

Role of Genes in Egg Donation - Nature Vs Nurture:

Determining hair colour, eye colour, height, size, dimples, freckles, birth marks, breast size and other genetic information such as physical features or interests is a very complex answer.  The input of not only egg donor and sperm donor, but also grandparents and the strength of the gene influence the exact make-up of the egg donation baby.  The physical profile of the egg donation baby cannot be provided.  Recipients of donor eggs can make a decision about preferred traits and are encouraged to consider traits of the egg donor that are similar to the egg donation recipient to optimise a close match.

Egg donors that are a little overweight or underweight are accepted on to the egg donor program provided that they are within a healthy body mass index. To determine whether a child conceived through egg donation will be overweight or underweight will also be influenced by the environment again – exposure and encouragement to exercise, eat healthy, etc.

The issue about intelligence and personality is a big discussion point – nature versus nurture.  The role that the environment and extent of stimulation provided to the child conceived through egg donation will also influence the outcome and development of a child.  Consider the development of a child raised as homeless versus a child raised with access to substantial involvement, care and exposure to education, culture and development. D etermining the IQ of an egg donor child requires input for genetic professionals.

The outcome of the baby conceived through egg donation is not an exact science. Consider traits and physical characteristics that appeal to you as the recipient of donor eggs and with which aspects you can associate and find a similarity.

Good luck and please advise any further questions or concerns regarding egg donation and selection of an ideal egg donor.

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