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Screening in Cape Town

Sooo my journey started with one very sleepless night..  Partly because it was so hot and humid and secondly because of the fear of over sleeping and missing the flight altogether...  So much so that I set three alarms to be sure!!  Nevertheless I woke up before any of them went off and made the flight with ample time to spare.

Flight was smooth and enjoyable.  Staff on Safair were great.  Then came my driver Robert who was even friendlier..  

But then... Who would have thought..  Bumper to bumper traffic in Cape Town lol... Was looking forward to a chilled day in a stunning laidback city..  And was greeted with clouds, chilly weather and traffic..  Felt a bit like Jhb barring the weather.  Sun is trying to peak through the blanket of clouds so hopefully it will warm up and clear so I can get that much anticipated view of the table top!

Right tests and appointments all done..  Little bit of a slow start, didn't seem to be much urgency considering my appointments were back to back (I do realise Cape Town cannot be compared to Johannesburg and hence the appeal) but once they started all I can say is WOW!  Dr Matabese was fanstastic and knowing my time constraints, she was so on the ball to say the least.  Then came the psych appointment... which would make anyone without a proper mental condition worry just a tad... Leanne was great..  So chilled and made me feel at home.  Was so easy to open up to her and spill the beans on my life story so far..  The 45 mins spent with her were like a quick catch up with an old friend..  Went by all too quickly.  Next up were the blood tests...  Done and dusted in less than 5 minutes and pain free I might add!! Medications were ready and waiting at reception, with the schedule and instructions to follow.  Not sure if this is protocol or just because I am a seasoned egg donation professional.. But nonetheless I am ... All done!!

Now the wait for the transfer back to the airport in 2 hours time..  Thankfully there is a delightful little place called the Nood Cafe just a few steps away... Heaven :)

All ready and back on the plane..  Meds in hand and feeling pretty good..  Can't wait to start the next phase of this journey and hopefully help another family fulfill their dreams.

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