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Selecting the Right Egg Donor

Recipients needing egg donation require different levels of assistance in making this delicate decision. For some persons, they would like sufficient information and free and immediate access. Others require more support and guidance along the way. The process of egg donor facilitation is an empowering process of assisting recipients of donor eggs to make the best choice possible for them in terms of their required egg donor profile.

No person can make the choice for another and very often egg donation recipients feel divinely guided about the right egg donor. It can be a smile or a simple statement in the egg donor's profile that moves a person to knowing that she is the right person to help them conceive. It can be her message to them which is exactly what they needed to hear at that special moment in their lives.

Egg donation is an extraodinary special deed and so the moment and process of selecting the right egg donor is coupled with that beauty and awesomeness. Egg donor facilitation is about guiding and being available to help egg donation recipients during this time.

Persons are often drawn to considering detailed aspects, such as whether the egg donor is a smoker, details of her previous egg donations and the likes. Whilst smoking is not ideal, in our experiences of hundreds of egg donation programmes, egg donors are not declined becuase they smoke as many smoking egg donors have contributed to miracle pregnancies.

Previous egg donation results, number of eggs and quality of embryos - this topic is more the field of a professional embryologist. Previous egg donation results are highly impacted by sperm quality and the quality of the uterus to receive the developing embryo and help its further growth into a baby. The ideal scenario is fertility specialists confirm whether egg donors have produced quality eggs to donate again. More details around embryos may result in accurate information being lost. It is always important to assess hormone levels prior to an egg donation program. This is more relevant than results of previous egg donations.

The role of egg donor facilitation is important and requires prompt attention, honesty and integrity.

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