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I remember Monday morning as I entered the clinic my nerves were shot, even though I was pretty excited about the donation overall.

I think going into anything new can be pretty scary, but that was all set to ease when I met some pretty amazing people who made sure I was fully aware of was going to happen step by step and kept me updated, was extremely friendly and helpful and made sure at all times I was comfortable with what I was doing and that my health was great. 

All the support and caring I got from Jenny meant so much, she constantly kept in touch with phone calls and messages, and really showed that she cared.  I think my best decision was to go with such an amazing company who really go the extra mile.  After I had all my necessary appointments to make sure that all was fine for me to donate (which were all perfectly made for me early morning so I didn't even loose anytime off work) I got home and had a look at that scary needle, which turned not that scary after all, didn't even feel a thing.

So far I'm done with my 4th injection and a few more to go.  Can't wait to do my donation, and if given the chance again I would love to do another donation.  Especially since I'd be working with such caring Angels XXX

Ladies interested in being part of this life changing process, please register by completing a once off application form online.

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