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Staying Healthy in Heart of Winter

You might have been advised to monitor your insulin or reduce weight to qualify as an egg donor, but this is quite difficult when it is so freezing and the body thinks it needs what is not good for it to offset this cold.

The reality is a shot of superfood wheatgrass and some ginger is enough to detox your body and provides some instant heat.

Wheatgrass comes from the earth and filled with nurtrients that come straight out of the earth.  Loaded with so many minerals, this should be a standard part of a healthy persons's diet.  Fresh wheatgrass is more nutritious, but powedered wheatgrass blended with a fresh orange not only improves the body, but boosts your immune too.

Do your bit for healthy eggs by improving your own and incindentally contributing to a healthy start for a new egg.

More on health management online.

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