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Heart Warming News

Dear Jenny
We have some heart warming news we want to share  - the frozen embryo transfer worked and I am pregnant!! We are so happy, surprised and excited, I can't tell you!!   Our scans so far indicate a healthy baby and the pregnancy is going really well.  Everyday I think about our wonderful egg donor.  I feel so lucky that you found us such a special lady and know this is meant to be. We feel incredibly blessed. 
Perhaps you could send this message to our wonderful donor "We're so very excited and delighted that I am pregnant. It is the most wonderful experience and all thanks to you. Everyday I think about how lucky we were to find you & know this match is meant to be.  The pregnancy is going very well, the baby is developing perfectly and we hope and pray this continues.  We feel incredibly happy and blessed.  You have changed our lives forever and we will be eternally grateful. There is no greater gift one woman can give another than the gift of another life. We really thank you so much. God bless you."
Thanks Jenny and I hope all goes well for you.

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