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Surrogacy going to court to approve

Hi Jenny
Hope you are doing well.
Thought I would give you an update on how things are going.
So we met with our surrogate, and from the word go the relationship has been good.  She is a very nice lady.  We have been very open and honest with her and vice versa.  Her husband is so supportive and probably more excited than what she is to start this journey.  Such a nice man.
So we have seen the Doctor and the pschycologist all in one day.  I took them on the Gautrain as she mentioned on our first meeting she always wanted to go on it.  It was a day of excitement for all of us. So I figured, why not:-)
So the Doctor's report is clear as well as the psychologist's.   She has already sent on both our report and that of our surrogate's to the attorneys.  So all is set to go.  I am sending the last documents to the surrogate lawyers on Monday whereby he will complete his report and give it in at court.  So I figure it will be another 2 months or so and then we are set to go.  He wll let us know on the date, which I will then inform you of so we can start with the medication process.

We REALLY Like eg donor profile xxx.
Things are coming together now and we are feeling more and more excited of what is to come.
Last and most importantly I would like to thank you once again for your guidance and support throughout this process so far. Your understanding when we had a little setback is greatly appreciated.
Hope you have a great weekend.
Kindest Regards

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