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The Amazing journey of an Egg Donor

The Amazing journey of an Egg Donor.. seen through the eyes of Annie..

Often in life we tend to only focus on our own battles and not taking the time to stop and think about our neighbours and the battles they might be facing. Sometimes the smallest of things can mean the world to someone else and change their life forever!

Being part of  the baby2mom egg donor program has opened my eyes to a new world filled with miracles and happiness. I feel so blessed to be able to make a difference in someone’s life and create something so beautiful- a gift of life!

My experience as an egg donor has not only made me realize that there's always HOPE in any situation, but we need each other.. even if we're strangers in public, by heart we shall always be connected by sharing support, LOVE , respect, trust and FAITH in each other. This has been a beautiful journey and I  shall always feel special for knowing I could help someone.

My personal reason for applying to baby2mom has come after seeing the struggle to fall pregnant of a close friend. Suddenly the difficulty and struggle of something seen as easy and part of nature became a reality to me.

After applying to become an egg donor and going for the screening, I started feeling nervous and unsure if I should go through the process, but once I received the letter of approval that my screening was successful, I knew I was sent on this path for a reason.

An egg donor requires a lot of strength, not only for yourself, but for the recipients receiving your gift. The process off preparing your eggs for retrieval  consists of a few scans, medication and self injectable injections. It might sound  challenging, but it truly is nothing to be frightened about. The support system throughout the process has been wonderful! Consisting of Jenny from baby2mom, the staff at the clinic and the Doctors, who are there with you every step of the way.

I will cherish these special memories forever!♡♡

Much Love

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