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Time to wait for egg donor

To our recipients, in an attempt to better manage the process and be realistic about timing for all parties.

A time span of around three months is realistic and feasable to obtain a donor's committment to proceed on an egg donation cycle.

In this time period, we need to facilitate the screening and work with the fertility clinic to facilitate the synchronisation of menstrual cycles.  The latter aspect usually takes a couple of weeks, but can happen sooner depending on unique cycle circumstances for each of the egg donor and recipient.   The timing can be slightly extended if either party requires an intervention to be ready for the treatment.

To plan for anything longer than around four months really opens recipients up to extended risks as egg donors' situations can and realy do change.  They may become pregnant, change their relationship status, work status even location.  This naturally impacts on the timing of the donor cycle, so really best to plan within a three month time span.

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