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To be an egg donor

My inspiration came when I went on facebook and then a pop up came ,"egg donation " then I was intrigued,so I did some research and found it amazing how we women can actually help each other out later I came across baby2mom and I signed up.  A year or so later then Jenny got in contact with me, Oh what a remarkable women and so caring she helped me schedule all my appointments.  At first I was nervous but the friendly staff at Cape Fertility in CLAREMONT are so friendly I had no problem at all.  Time came for the injections💉  and the nurses explained everything so well I hardly felt it and I went for regular  checkups.

The day finally came for the retrieval and and the process was successful and amazing, I would like to thank my recipient for choosing me to be and to experience how amazing it is to give life to someone also thank you to Jenny for allowing me to be an egg donor and for your help with everything.  Finally, a very big thank you to everyone at CAPE FERTILITY, for making this journey so beautiful.  BABY2MOM is the best.

Best wishes ❤🙏🏼❤🙏🏼❤

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