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To be there

This is my first egg donor experience, and I can just tell you – I don’t regret it all. I don’t regret the waiting, the process and I look forward to the end result.

Knowing that I have a significant role to change a couple’s life forever.  I am able to make someone’s wishes come true… Consider me an angel sent down to help begin a family.  Maybe that is why I am here, maybe that is part of my purpose in life, to help others where they need the extra hand or even a good jump start.

I am terrified of needles, but my strength pushed me forward knowing it will all be okay and definitely worth it in the end with smiles and a new beginning to life.

I  am grateful for the opportunity, and I can honestly say that I would do it again in a heartbeat.

To my family: I’m grateful and honoured to have been the guardian angel you needed.

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