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Donating eggs for five years

I found out about baby2mom egg donor program when I was pregnant with my first born, a son 2014.  I started my journey of becoming an egg donor at age 22, a time during which my son was 11 months old.  Becoming an egg donor is something I've had my heart set in doing, especially after I learned about my sister cousin's optic pregnancy.

During the wait to be chosen for the second time to donate, I had my second child, a daughter this time. Now I have a boy and a girl - great match, I couldn't imagine life without them.  Along thus journey I also experienced challenges of becoming a single mom, something I never planned but that did not stop me from becoming a donor for the third time.

To all my recipients, thank you for allowing me to be a part of your lives - with all the needles, scars and a bloated tummy, I would not change anything about this amazing journey.

Congratulations on this wonderful journey which you have chosen.  I wish you nothing but the very best.  I will always be willing to donate again in the future if you decide to add another beautiful soul to your families.  Thank you again for choosing me.

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