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To My Lovely Recipients

Firstly, thank you so much for your wonderful letter.  It really touched my heart that you chose to share so much about your family and such personal information about your previous struggles.  The first time I gave real consideration into becoming an egg donor was after reading a story in a woman’s magazine, one not dissimilar to yours.  The idea that someone like me who had healthy eggs to share could help someone to have a child of their very own was the most joyous thing.  After taking some time to really think and pray on the process I knew that if there was a way that I could help someone with such a difficult part of their life I really wanted to.  While my own family has been very lucky with the amount of brothers, sisters, and cousins we’ve been blessed with, I know from friends how heartbreaking the fruitless desire for a child can be.


I am so honoured that you chose me to be help you to have a chance to have a baby and I hope with all my heart that I can help you with growing your family.  I know that the part that I play in this is small but important and I feel very blessed to be trusted with being your donor.  I really take my little role in this seriously and promise you that I will do everything from my side to be as healthy as possible and do everything I can to give your baby the best potential start.  To endow such a task to a complete stranger shows me that you and your husband must be such kind hearted and trusting people.

I have donated before and in my own mind like to think of the loving families that these babies could have been born into.  To have a more concrete idea of you and your husband is so wonderful and has made me feel even more connected to your family.  That we share so much in our personalities and family lives is so special.  I have spent a lot of time travelling in Australia and it is a place that holds a very special place in my heart.  I have always thought that it would be a wonderful place for a child to grow up in, the love of the outdoors and the friendly, positive nature of the people there is something that I really loved and connected with.


I am keeping you and your husband in my thoughts and prayers throughout this process,  I’m sure it will be a time of hope and fear, with a whole lot of added stress.  But I really hope this will be able to give you the addition to your family you wish for.


Your Loving Donor 

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