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To My Egg Donor Recipients

Hi Jenny,

I hope you are doing well,

This time around (third time) I must say I am alot more comfortable with the procedure and process of donating.
I really have so much appreciation for all the people involved in this process, it is one emotional roller coaster, mostly for the recipient I can imagine.

I am so excited for my third egg donation, and hope that this one works out like the first two..

I will forever cherish your gift you sent me. This will be a lifetime reminder of the opportunity I have been given to help someone in need of that special little someone.

Please could you kindly forward this picture to my first two recipients, I have been looking for the right "something" to send to them for a while and finally found what I was looking for, this little note was so super special to me when I was pregnant with my little one.

All my love,


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