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Ubuntu in Being an Egg Donor

It's a cold Sunday morning and I'm lying in bed with my laptop, reflecting on the past few days.  Two days ago, I had my egg cells removed at Medfem clinic in Johannesburg.  I'm a coastal girl and am glad to be on the mend in my own bed, with the familiar salty sea air, howling wind and my big goofy dog right beside my bed.  Despite the cold, I feel warm and happy - the kind of warmth one gets from having done something that made a difference.

After the procedure, I received a present and a card from my recipients.  I really appreciated the gesture.  Even though the process is completely anonymous, in some way, in this great big world, we are connected.  The card will always remind me of them, I'll wonder how they are and pray for them to be blessed as a family.

I was really taken care of during the entire process.  It is naturally a very personal commitment and procedure and the care and support from all involved made it a pleasure to see the commitment through.  All of the arrangements were made to accommodate me in every way, whether it be travel, accommodation or couriering my medicine for my convenience.

I stayed in a guesthouse close to the clinic for the week preceding the procedure.  The owners were lovely, very caring and great hosts.  I appreciated the homely environment during a week that I didn't feel 100%.  Besides their hospitality, I also appreciated Jenny's personal involvement and encouragement throughout the process.  She really cares about the well-being of each woman involved.

Lastly, I'd like to say something that I believe is a true reflection of donors' feelings in general towards their recipients.  It really is an act of love, an acknowledgement of trust in good parents and a sincere hope for a bright future.  It is a beautiful way of understanding Ubuntu. 'I am, because you are, you are, because we are."

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