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Understanding Egg Donation as a Mother

As a mother I understand and appreciate the point of my daughter and it brought me great sadness to know there are people out there who have so much love to give but can't simply because of a things that are out of control.  I have personally seen what a difference there is to women that can't have children, their lives have an essence of emptiness, this is why I chose to donate.  Being a mother unlocks a sense of love you as a person don't even know of which you are capable.  I love working with Jenny and baby2mom because in my own small way I'm helping make the world a happier place.  Jenny does her best to ensure everything runs smoothly and she puts her donors' comfort first.  No matter the time or location of a donation I never feel alone because I know baby2mom is a simple whatsapp away.

Dear recipient,

I am glad I am able to help in beginning your family, may your future son or daughter bring you all the happiness in the world.  I know the child will be loved and well cared for, this shows in the lengths you went to have this child.
They will bring your life so much joy and purpose.  I, as a mother, know the undeniable warmth and joy that swells within you the first time your child will smile at you or call you mommy.
I pray this works out for you, this child will unlock many new feels and challenges for you but I promise you will enjoy every part of it.
May the lord bless you with a beautiful child and lots of patience.

All the best

This donation was not easy for me as I had to travel and leave my child, but I do not regret it because I know that I am helping someone who truly deserves it because I believe that the mother gene is something people are born with, not all women who have children can be considered mother's but who have the love and desire to go that extra mile and don't allow anything to stop them from doing what is right deserve to be called mothers, regardless of they have children or not.  I admire the faith and hope recipients have to go through this process and I am honoured to be able to play a part in helping them achieve their dream of being parents.

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