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What do our husbands of egg donors say?

Q: How did you feel when your partner advised you she wanted to donate her eggs?
A: At first I didn't really understand why she wanted to do it but after giving it some thought it made me realise how blessed I am to have a family and if we could help anyone in any way to experience such an amazing gift then I would gladly do it.

Q: Did you need some convincing to agree/ consent?
A: Not at all after we spoke I understood the prosses and was happy that we could help.

Q: Was your consent required for her to proceed?
A: Not at all.

Q: What did you think of the medical procedures?
A: The doctors and staff were very friendly and the info we got from baby2mom was very informative.

Q: How did you feel knowing your partner contributed to a miracle pregnancy?
A: There is no greater feeling knowing that you have helped to create a life that created a family

Q: Do you feel you have any ownership over these eggs?
A: Not at all.

Q: Has the donation impacted your view of giving in any way?
A: We have always been a couple that helped others, this being on a whole new level.

Q: Do you see your partner differently following her donation?
A: I respect her more for being so thoughtful.

Q: How seriously does she take the donation?  Does this impact your life/ home environment in any way?
A: She takes it extremely seriously. Its extremely important to her. There are doc appointments that need to be met and strict times for hormone injections at certain times closer to the donation but it doesn't really impact your life

Q: Has she/ you and her shared this process with others?
A: We try and explain it to the best of our knowledge and encourage others to do become donors.

Q: Have you supported her in this deed?
A: To the best of my ability..I'm very proud of her.

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