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1,000 Completed Egg Donation Cycles

I recall my first egg donation cycle in 2007.  The pregnancy result was a beautiful sign of the future.  One of my initial feelings about egg donors was what they would look like.  She must be a most special being and every time I saw a picture of an egg donor, I distinctly remember expanding my view of how angels look.  Egg donation is more than donating your eggs, it is a spiritual process, a giving of yourself, an act of love and this makes every experience with this role divine.

With 1,000 egg donation cycles, 1,000 opportunities have been created and so many miracles that can be shared. Highlights include embryos looking very poor during the five-day development process and resulting in pregnancies. I recall a lady from Australia contacting me in panic on the day of the egg retrieval requesting a new donor as her donor had only made two eggs. These two eggs continued to develop and resulted in a twin pregnancy. In another situation a single lady came from abroad and conceived a twin pregnancy, sadly to miscarry one. She returned a few years later for the transfer of her remaining frozen embryo and today has two children conceived from this one batch of eggs received. Many persons have been blessed with multiples following many struggles. Each and every positive result is a blessing and lights up lives. One tiny individual egg is the start of life and being part of this process is evidence to this great miracle of life.

This great milestone warrants an acknowledgement and moment of appreciation to all the persons who have contributed to this.
These miracle processes are definitely impossible without the great and angelic help of the egg donors, who have diligently and graciously made themselves available to help others who dream of these anonymous people.

The relationships, support and guidance offered by amazingly professional fertility specialists, sisters and other clinic persons have been a learning and blessing to have these persons an integral and special part of baby2mom. The caring, kind, empathetic and gentle approaches offered by clinics throughout South Africa in Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban and even Bloemfontein has been a continuous inspiration. Counseling psychologists have played a vital role in supporting the egg donors and psychologically preparing them for this special process of being an egg donor.

Baby2mom has evolved from a thought to a reputable and internationally recognized name, with an ever evolving website that supports the needs of egg donors and recipients alike to aid the process of both registering as an egg donor and viewing egg donor profiles with ease and efficiency. The website requires consistent professional attention to always maintain and upgrade the highest of standards. These contributors have faithfully supported these miracles and appreciation is extended.

A thanks is also extended to the appropriate legal support offered when needed.

A full professional backing enables the efficiencies offered by baby2mom and I take this opportunity to say thanks and blessings to all who have supported this beautiful and special initiative over the years.

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