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Egg Donor Gift

Egg donation in South Africa is governed by the National Health Act, which inter alia, stipulates that donors may not be paid for tissue donation. This extends to egg donors not being paid.

Accordingly, a fixed amount of R7,000 has been deemed appropriate and is not considered a payment, but a gesture for the donor's inconveniences incurred.

Whilst egg donation recipients are sincerely grateful for this special gift and may feel moved to contribute in an additional way, kindly refrain from giving more money as this is not permitted and will have to be confiscated by the fertility clinic/ egg donor clinic.

Should recipients feel moved to give more than the fixed donation to their egg donor, a small gift is recommended. This is please not to be an excessive gift, but just a small gesture to express gratitude for this amazing deed.

Blessings to all our special egg donors and may our recipients be blessed with their gift too.
If you would like to buy something small, Faithful to Nature is a wonderful site of natural prodocts. You are welcome to buy the gift and advise in the recipient details, that baby2mom will provide details or advise us what you would like to buy and we can do so on your behalf, sending your anonymous details and giving the account to you.

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