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Adoption Versus Egg Donation

Persons faced with infertility may be met with the innocent proposal by another to consider adoption.  This is likely made in good faith.

The reality is that our humanity makes us individuals and therefore our ability to be at ease with a topic is more about who we are, how we got to this point and what is really important to us in life.

A significant benefit of egg donation is that the recipient is enabled to select the physical traits of the donor and therefore be empowered to match the child's traits (to a point).  This full background information provides a level of comfort that can make a recipient feel that the best decision was made at the time.  If only one donor contribution is required, e.g. the male is fertile and the recipient mother is infertile, the selection of an egg donor that closely resembles her is fulfilling and deeply meaningful. 

For many recipients considering egg donation, only an egg donor is required.  This means that the male can contribute his genetics and so has an actual related contribution to the child.  With adoption, the genes are both likely from foreign parties.  A beauty about only proceeding with the female donor gene is that with the man already contributing, he is a part.  If no surrogate is involved, the recipient, if female is contributing as she is physically carrying the baby.  I have heard that babies physically look like their fathers because the more common initial bond is with the mother, so this phsyical resemblance is to bring Dad closer to the new bond.

The ability to be part of the child's life from the very beginning, the miraculous stages of egg and cell, even before cell division cannot be underestimated.  These aspects extend further into being around this little one, during utero stages.

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