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Fifteen Facts Every Egg Donor Should Know

  1. Woman are born with hundreds of eggs and release several every month.  In a donation month, you will not loose any more or less than usual.  The medication is only to stimulate the ripening of some of the eggs, so no adverse impact on your fertility.  You are doing good without compromising yourself.  The living donation.  Why wait until your body has passed its time to make a meaningful difference.
  2. Egg donation is completely legal in South Africa.  The donation of human tissue is allowed.
  3. No contact with recipients and children conceived of the egg donation.  Ladies can donate completely anonymously, with no further comeback and no expectation that either the recipient or the child(ren) conceived of donor eggs will be able to contact in any way.  No names and identifying details will ever be divulged.   
  4. It does not cost you anything - financially - that is to donate your eggs.  All costs covered.  It does however require a sense of commitment and responsibility as someone else is incurring significant costs and paying for everything.
  5. Egg donors need not have had children to donate and can proceed to have children after the egg donation.
  6. Professional and reputable processes - egg donation is well established in South Africa and undertaken in key specialised areas and clinics.  So a professional process and service is offered to egg donors.
  7. Limited time required - although specific appointments are required, there are usually a maximum of seven appointments, but average around five.  After the initial screening, check up scans are around 15 minutes.  
  8. Donor eggs are given to actual real people who have shed a million tears to become parents.  The eggs are not used for research or testing. 
  9. Egg donors are respected and their wishes acknowledged - you need only donate in areas and to whom you specify as per your criteria.  So if you are willing to donate in a different region, this is indicated as such.
  10. The retrieval of eggs does not require an operation.  There is no cutting and no scarring of the body.  There is no overnighting in a hospital.   
  11. This is a donation of an egg, not a baby.  A long process is still required for an egg to become a baby.  This little piece of tissue you are donating requires a loving home, being the uterus, to develop further.  you are not giving anything away.  You are donating hope.
  12. Everything in moderation and so with egg donation - a maximum number of six children may be conceived through your egg donations. 
  13. Not every donation results in a pregnancy.  Factors such as sperm and the uterus impact on the outcome.  Sometimes even when everything is perfect, no pregnancy is achieved.  But an opportunity is given and hope is created and where there is hope, there is faith and then miracles.  So without egg donors, we miss out on many miracles.
  14. South African woman are special - people travel for these amazing eggs from all over the world. 
  15. Egg donors will be in the hearts and prayers of recipients every night for the lifelong gift.  A blessing!  Egg donation is definitely something good.   

Consider egg donation and complete an online application form.

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