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Beginning of a New Family

14 Eggs later and here I am so relieved and happy for the couple receiving my eggs.  This all started in 2015 when I search for agencies to help me becoming a surrogate mother, when I found baby2mom agency and without thinking I registered myself to donate eggs to woman who need it most.  Jenny helped me with all the relevant information and documentation.

Finally few days ago a couple chose me and Jenny contacted me to arrange the necessary.  I was so excited and happy to start with the process I couldn’t wait to begin with the first appointment.

To know that you are a chosen one, makes everything so special.  I am so glad that I donated my eggs to the perfect couple who needs it most. It is the most wonderful feeling there is.  Knowing that there are woman struggling to get pregnant breaks my heart.  I pray and hope that you get pregnant and that you may feel all the love, warmth that comes with it.  Thank you for choosing me I know I made a difference in the couple who chose me.

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