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Struggling emotionally because of infertility

Infertility has an impact and creates turmoil that cannot always be understood.  It has no boundaries and does not discriminate, but inflicts pain on all persons infliected with this.  

For persons not impacted, this hardship, anguish and pain cannot always be understood and the absence of being able to relate to this emotion results in the person inflicted feeling isolated.

The most common issue is wanting to avoid news of births, baby chatter, etc.  This sounds illogical but very real.  Especially in cases where friends and families have happened to conceive without planning, this news can be devastating and feel so unfair.  It brings out very real humanity for infertile persons who have to deal with their own demons.  They are faced with their loving side being attached by their pain which can brings out strong feelings of jealousy, envy and that life is just being so unfair to them.

Maybe it is because procreation is just one of the most natural aspects - the body's ability to procreate, our purpose on earth and reason for being.

Couples often accept the infertility very differently.  For one party, it can be the most devastating awful news and for the other, a fact which needs to be accepted and can be a little easier.  These issues place strain on relationships and require a healing of their new dynamics.  It often brings out immense love and caring where one party develops an overwhelming need to protect the other party as much as possible because of all the pain endured.  In egg donations, it is quite frequent that one party is the primary decision maker about the egg donor and selection aspects.  On the one hand, allowing the other party to take control is an aspect of empowerment or taking control can mean caring and helping.  In other cases, one party gives the final go ahead but relies on the other to really be happy.  Every situation is different and every recipient will deal with these issues in a unique and personal manner.

The beauty of egg donation is the genuine ability to heal this infertility and therefore the restoration of peace, happiness and calm cannot be understated. 

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