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Changing a Life Forever

It is a great opportunity to finally donate a gift of life to my precious recipient.  A baby is a beautiful gift from the Lord, sharing those moments of life with your baby is amazing.  Watching them learning to walk, talk is forever beautiful and moments like that create bonds that last a lifetime. That made me realise that if I could become an egg donor I would be changing someone's life forever and ''how awesome is that?

When I was growing up I used to babysit alot and I learnt how wonderful it is to have someone who calls you "mommy" every minute.  Every moment with your baby is magical, but some moments stand out even more than others.  My dream of giving a lifetime gift has finally came through.  I am forever grateful to have the chance to help a couple realise their dream of becoming parents.I wish my recipient all the best and joy in this new journey.

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