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God Watching Over Us

The excitement the first time around was much better and more energetic than the excitement that came this time.  I was much more nervous, but surprisingly, the symptoms were much more different than the first time. My stomach was extremely bloated; of course you cannot get away from that, but I didn't gain that much weight.

The trips to the clinic seemed much shorter, or maybe they were... I guess it was all in my head.  The last three days before the retrieval, I was super and extra nervous, my mind was playing games with me.  I remember closing my eyes and asking the Lord Jesus to be with me.  4 hours after, I was woken up. "Hey baby, are you okay?" I must say the treatment of at the Medfem clinic is just out of this world, and yes just like that... God was watching over me.  Second donation done; successfully.

To the FAMILY I was able to help, BLESS you.  Thank you to everyone that was there for me also, even when my hormones were controlling the best of me.  You guys made this journey special.  XOXOXO

This journey gave me strength and patience thought it tested my patience at times.  I learnt more about myself; I am brave, courageous and strong and even more patient than I thought I was.

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