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Clarifying Common Misunderstandings About Egg Donation

Let's dispel common misunderstandings about egg donation 

Donating eggs does not mean giving a baby away.  It means donating a tiny piece of yourself that would have ordinarily have been discarded in that month.  That donated egg still needs to be fertilised with sperm and grow in the uterus before there is a baby. 

When donating eggs, a woman's fertility is not compromised.  This  means that woman can have children after being egg donors and can also donate before they have had children.   

Egg donors need to be within a specific BMI to optimise the quality of eggs.   Essentially a healthy weight to height ratio is required to aid the body's healthy functioning. 

There is a cut off age of 34 as egg quality deteriorates with age.  Persons within the age range of being egg donors are all suitable and help people conceive provided other details are appropriate.  

No children conceived of egg donation can ever look up their donor and similarly recipients can never make any contact with their egg donors, other than through the agency.   This is one of the great benefits of South African egg donation.    

There are no costs associated with being an egg donor.  The recipient is responsible for all costs, it is therefore imperative that egg donors are committed and fully briefed about their participation. 

The gift of donor eggs is a lifelong precious one and for many the only option to conceive.  People do not ordinarily dream of having a baby with another person's eggs.  

People consider egg donation because it means the recipient can still experience the joy of a pregnancy.  The partner can also contribute the sperm.  So matching an egg donor's traits to a recipient means that the physical traits are correlated and she can elect to keep the donation private from family and even the child product of the egg donation. 

Not every donated egg will result in a pregnancy.  Unfortunately egg donation pregnancies are exposed to the same risk as naturally conceived pregnancies.  

Egg donors can specify any criteria about their donations, e.g. to whom and available areas where they are available.  More on being an egg donor can be found online.
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