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Possibly most heartwarming letter I have ever received

Thank you much for the update.  We have arrived in Cape Town and are looking forward to our appointment with the Dr. La Roux tomorrow as well.
Jenny, you have been such a blessing throughout this process.   When we first began looking for a donor we tried another agency first and did not have a positive experience with them.  I reached a point with them when I knew I needed to try another agency.  I am so pleased now that I chose Baby2mom.  You have been sensitive, professional and a delight to work with every step of the way.  This process of selecting a donor is more emotional than I had anticipated and you have been such a comfort through it all.  Your handling of the situation when the prior donor surprisingly became pregnant could not have been better.  Thank you so much for contacting a donor we had been interested in and finding out if she was able to donate before I was even aware of the situation.  This certainly saved me a lot of stress and worry.  We ae delighted to have the new donor.  Thank you so much for turning a potentially upsetting situation into a happy ending.
I appreciate you so much.

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