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Consciously Aware

Amazing how grocery stores are stocking up on different items - an increase in wonderful natural organic food.  Also amazing how the more simple food is the better it is for the body.

I have also realised that conscious persons are those who have a spiritual awareness but also a dedicated effort around what they feed their body.

Alot of people are stating to undertand the damage that sugar can do to the body, but sugar does not only come in sweets, start to look at the ingredients of what you eat.

Consider a healthy pizza, slow cooked at not higher than 120 degrees celsius (which may take longer) but brings it closer to being raw and retains the nutritional value of this good food, based made with:
  • Coconut oil - which does not damage with heat and is a superfood designed to heal and nourish the body (and the skin)
  • Sweet potato flour - not processed, a gluten-free alternative to those needing this option
  • Quinoa - a wonderful wheat alternative, with the same texture of couscous, but a pure protein
  • Black eyed beans - another source of protein

Topped with:

  • A raw tomato sauce of tomatos, sun dried tomatos, coconut oil again, some spices - including some hemp protein will make this sauce a highly charged superfood
  • Nutritional yeast - high in vitamin B12 and substituting for that 'cheese' flavour
  • Cherry tomatoes, spring onion and any other vegetable topppings.

Go raw and organic as far as possible.

Eating well protects the body, enables it to resist disease (dis-ease), creates a higher spiritual conscious level, helps hormone levels and contributes to fertility and longevity.  

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