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Raw Vegan

Going vegan means consciously eating what is good for you and exploring nature's options respectfully and also respectully towards yourself.

Taking this conscious diet one step further means raw vegan.  This ensures that the nutritional value of food is fully maintained and not compromised at all.  It is close to eating living plant food.  The implications are immeasurable health implications alongside many others, spiritual awareness, lower food bills, longer life, lower electricty costs, I can go on...

This evening I chose to prepare my own version of a raw wrap.  The amazing superfood nori seaweed was used as the wrap.  This housed a tasty, easy to prepare and wholesome raw vegetable base of:
  • Sweet potato - true, this can be consumed raw, retaining all the vitamin content.  Slice it up finely and not only does it appear beautiful but also makes so much more than when cooked.  Also easy to prepare more when your meal audience enjoys your tasty treats.
  • Cucumber finely diced too
  • Chopped tomatoe
  • Avo - always a firm favourite and flavours anything
  • Flavoured with cashew nut mayonnaise - made with soaked cashew nuts, a drop of agave and basil pesto blended with fresh basil, hemp seeds, sesame seeds, nutritional yeast and olive oil.  This oil is best consumed raw.

Stay healthy, eat well, look after your surrounds and yourself.

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