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Dreams Can Come True

Dear Jenny

Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to help make someone’s dream come true.

I had a lovely experience when I donated my eggs and was very excited.

 My clinic was at Vincent Palotti that was not so far for me to travel, the progress took +- 2 ½ months.

I thought at first that the whole experience was a bit scary, but after meeting the doc and nurse I was very comfortable.  The nurse was very helpful by showing me how to inject etc.  I have never worked with needles before and was very scared, but when I saw the needle it was not that bad at all, indeed a very small needle.  I had to go in a few times to the clinic and everyone made me feel so comfortable.

I feel privileged to donate my eggs to somebody that really wants a little miracle.  I had very good results with my eggs and was very excited to hear that the lovely couple got pregnant.

This whole experience opened up my eyes knowing that one can help another even though you don’t know the person personally.  It is enough to do something so small and knowing it will change the rest of their lives.


I would like my tattoo to be included in this post as it symbolises love, faith amd belief - which are all indicative of egg donation for me.

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