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Couples and IVF

Unless you have dipped your foot into the pool of the infertility world, the anxieties, the overwelming obsessions and invasion of the mind by baby thoughts can neither be comprehended nor related to.

Perhaps it is because the aspect of reproducing is so natural.  It is of the six aspects that defines a living being - breathing, growing, dying, moving, feeding and reproducing.

So being infertile essentially takes away one of these key aspects of being alive and this pain and anguish is a devastating and can be destructive if not managed carefully.

Interesting is the strong often segregated viewpoints of couples.  This is quite a logical perspective as naturally individuals cannot share exactly the same views. One partner often takes on the role of protecting the other in whatever form they think appropriate - be it selecting an egg donor, unlimited support for the other to pursue all avenues or even putting the breaks on - to curb emotions, finances, expectations, etc.

Recently, one partner to a couple said that he would like to get out of this IVF world now.  It has taken its toll and time is required for healing.

The message here is really that empathy is required for persons in this IVF world - whatever their dilemma and they need love and patience.  This topic is so significant that a subject matter on the perspectives of a man compared to a woman will be shared shortly folllowing a real interview.

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