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Screening to donate my eggs

On 6 January my day started at 03:30 with getting up and ready.  The shuttle picked me up at 04:30. Leonell was very friendly and great company so early in the morning.  After a bit of a delay at the airport, I was finally in the air by 06:00.  Arriving at Cape Town International, I got through the gate very quickly,  (I didn't have any checked luggage).  I found Marcel waiting for me with a note. What a pleasant and friendly lady. 

While driving to the clinic, we spoke as if we were old friends who met up for a cup of coffee.  It was great feeling so comfortable. When I arrived at the clinic, I went for my psych eval.  I was a bit early, so I sat and read a book.  When I finally got to see her, I only then realised that I was waiting way past my appointment time.  The poor lady was booked double.  She was very friendly and we had a very good chat. I felt comfortable talking to her and we had a few good laughs. 

Afterwards I went to check in with Dr Matebese.  I was again an hour early for my appointment, so I went downstairs to Cafe Nood.  It's a quiet little coffee shop on the corner from the clinic, but boy, do they have good food and coffee!  I bought myself a cuppuchino and a spinach and feta scone and had a quick brunch. 

As I walked back and took my seat, Dr Matebese called me. Wow, what a lady! She spoke to me in all terms I understood and I didn't need to ask any questions.  Dr was extremely happy with what she saw and told me I'm a perfect egg donor.  I was stoked. That's what I hoped for!  I then saw Jenny from the clinic who gave me my meds and explained everything to me. From taking the pills to injecting myself. She even went a step further and gave me note for the flight back to Johannesburg, just in case they gave me grief for taking the needles as hand luggage.

After that Marcel came and picked me up again and off to the airport we went.  It was only 13:30, but it felt like it was after 18:00 as I was getting very tired.  I had KFC at the airport and then checked in.  I had a good nap on the plane and Leonell was waiting for me again when I disembarked.  The ride home felt quicker and when I got home, I was surprised with dinner and a glass of wine! What a day! But I would do it all again if have the chance again in future.

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