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Diary of My Egg Donation Gift

Dear Jenny

10 March 2015:

"After months of patiently waiting (well I tried to be patient) for you to contact me about my next donation you FINALLY called and said you have someone who wants me to donate for them.  The excitement that went through my boss is indescribable.
A couple of days later I went for my screening scan which is basically just a quick check up to make sure everything inside (my follicles and eggs) are good, as well as blood tests again to check that I am healthy enough to donate."
17 March 2015:
"So today the clinic told me that they have started planning my cycle which means that all the blood tests etc. were OK and I'm good to go.  Yay extra excited feeling just rushed through my body."
18 March 2015:
"I finally got my dates today.  I was so excited that I dropped everything I was doing to put the dates into my diary, informed my husband and boss and made sure everything is perfect."
20 April 2015:
"So I've stopped my pill today finally which means that the donation process is about to start.
I cannot wait for my scan on Saturday so we can start the process."
25 April 2015:
"Today I went for my first scan.  All went well as usual (this is my 4th time donating, I should be good at it by now:)
It’s a quick in and out experience.
The doctors just check how many follicles I have and if everything is good which is was.
I got my first set of injections which I will have to inject every day until my next scan.  The injections are painless and super easy to do.  I do mine while talking to my husband and even moving around haha level expert ;)"
1 May 2015:
"I had a scan again today.  I can already feel the eggs growing which is a good sign.  Everything else about my body feels the same except that I can feel the eggs getting bigger and my tummy is a bit bloated."
4 May 2015:
"Today I went for my last scan before I donate (egg retrieval)
The eggs are huge and looking great.
Just one more injection tonight then they are taking them out on Wednesday.
So excited :)
Then after they take them out, it's that little annoying 2 week wait to hear if my recipients have gotten pregnant.  I really hope that I am able to help these people."

Experiences through baby2mom Egg Donation Agency and Fembryo

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