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Does an Egg Donor Have Wings Like an Angel

We are often asked who are egg donors?  They are woman with invisible wings!

Really egg donors are young woman aged between 18 and 34 who have a healthy BMI, no genetic concerns and are in a responsible place to donate their eggs.

Genetic concern areas include bi polar, genetic depression, club foot, blood clotting, haemophilia, cleft lip and other genetic diseases. 

Egg donors need not be qualified.  They are different race groups, have different physical features and come from different walks of life, but all have one thing in common - the need and desire to make a positive difference and contribution.

Egg donors remain anonymous in South Africa and have no further responsibility or involvement in the egg donor program after their participation.  This makes egg donations an attractive and viable option for these ladies.

People often ask why do woman become egg donors?  Well, they do so generally because they have heard of someone struggling to conceive around them or read about this amazing way to help.  baby2mom promotes egg donation through articles so egg donors usually apply after information and facts have been provided.  

People give of themselves as donors in the form of organ donors, but understanding that egg donation means you can give a living gift whilst still alive is exceptional. 

More on egg donations for egg donors is available online.

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