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Egg Donations Worldwide

Everywhere in the world persons experience infertility.  This is an extremely painful process when it is actually a natural process to procreate. The need for egg donation is not restricted to a certain nation, race group or culture.  Egg donations worldwide are increasing for various reasons.

The way differing persons and countries view egg donations are quite dynamic and will vary based on their own belief systems and their support structures.

There was recently an egg donation article where a recipient was concerned about an egg donor on the egg donor agency website not being available, also having concerns about the child to be conceived of egg donation not having full access to their ethical and cultural background as well as concerns over an egg donor contributing to unlimited children.

Factually speaking, egg donation in South Africa is governed by a body and legislation.  Compliant egg donation agents adhere to these requirements. In terms of the number of egg donations, this is restricted to a maximum of six egg donations or no more than six children conceived of egg donation.  This is provided the egg donor always responds well to the stimulation. So egg donation numbers and programs are well managed. Egg donatons worldwide may vary according to the fertility clinics and supporting legislation. South Africa is a sought after destination for egg donation for, inter alia, its professional egg donation programmes.

Egg donors that have registered as available for an egg donor program apply to an egg donation agency. Public (non-identifying details) are posted in the egg donor database and an egg donor's participation on an actual egg donor program can only proceed once her availability is confirmed. So it may in fact happen that an egg donor who registered cannot be available when a specific recipient asks after her. Professional egg donations take worldwide take on the same approach.

The confidentiality aspect has several positive traits. It enables egg donors to come forward and it provides a level of assurance to egg donation recipients that they are empowered to disclose or not. This is a highly sensitive matter and most persons elect to keep this matter completely confidential even from loved ones. Egg donations worldwide take on a different approach. In some countries, there is no anonymity and full adult pictures of egg donors are made available. The upside to South Africa's anonymous egg donations is that recipients travel internationally for these amazing, anonymous, affordable reputable egg donation programs.

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