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Donating a Piece of Myself

My Egg Donation experience

All I can say is how great full I am to be able to help someone in some way, giving so little but yet so much is the way I look at it.

I am so proud of myself and always mention that in conversation, it feels great no matter what some people may say about it.

I have donated four times so far and it has been an absolute pleasure every time.

Jenny is the sweetest, caring and accommodating lady, she is definitely meant to do this.  I am so happy to have her through these times of donating and always felt so special & appreciated.

Cape  Fertility Clinic is an amazing clinic who do wonders and the staff are so efficient and professional.  The nurses make you feel like a queen, with tender love & care.  Dr Heylen is wonderful to work with and also makes you feel so comfortable and special.

I really believe everyone should give back in some way and I believe this is one of my ways.

As a young girl, I always dreamed of having a baby and said if I was ever told I’m not able to have that blessing one day it would devastate me, and  that is really the reason why I could not resist to do this.  I was very fortunate to be able to have children, I have a beautiful daughter who means the world to me.  Dr Heylen always says how fertile I am and really thankful as I get to help someone with this and it’s the most amazing gift ever to give.  I have not lost anything but only given and shared a piece of myself and hoped it would make a difference in someone’s life as it has in mine.

I came across a picture, that I thought would perfectly resemble my egg donation and it’s so sweet, a baby angel….

I am also grateful I was able to travel to PE, which I have never been to before, there is only positive things I can say about being an egg donor and an glad to be part of it.

Thanks to all who makes this possible.

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