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Inspiring True Story of Receiving Donor Eggs

Happily married, secure, mature (or so we thought), next logical step - baby! Well it didn't quite happen like that.

My usual lady doctor referred me to a fertility specialist, who immediately diagnosed that it was completely impossible for me to conceive without the help of an egg donor. This was an absolute shocker and devastation. I needed time to understand. I had never even heard of egg donation, now it was suddenly my only way forward. I tried to find the silver lining and that was it was completely possible to conceive this way. There were no further problems or complications. My uterus was in order and my partner's sperm confirmed good. His experience of all of this is one for another account. After a dummy run of checking my cycle, it was confirmed that we could proceed with my next cycle.

I was referred to baby2mom to help with the selection of an egg donor. The process was so new to me, I did not know what to consider in an egg donor and that such a concept as an egg donation agent actually existed. I think I just wanted to be a mom, so really my criteria was to find a donor who was able to proceed as soon as possible. It really did not matter if she was physically different to me. I needed to be a mommy and if I did not become this soon, I would start sinking without the prospect to climb back to normality. So, I paid little attention to who she really was, just the urgency.

So our first cycle started, I kept thinking of this egg donor. I could not actually even begin to imagine her. It so happened, that the egg donor did not have any childhood pictures, so I really imagined this woman who had the heart of gold. I was stunned at the thought that an ordinary person would go out of her way to help me heal, to make a difference in my small life. Why would she do that? Who am I to her? So I ate properly, prepared my body for the transfer, prayed for my donor and for the tiny pieces of human tissue that would contribute to life, or hopefully so. Unfortunately my first pregnancy test yielded a negative and I was not only in a state of shock, I started to break, on an emotional level. It could not be as I had done everything so right. How can this happen? I was so prepared for this moment, even playing, 'this is my moment, my perfect moment' en route the pregnancy test. It was a learning. Life is divine in its own time. I needed to avail myself. My saving grace was the lining up of another donor.

I was to learn and grow spiritually even more than anticipated. A further negative result. Twice it did not work. I began to disbelieve. I have always only seen this happen to other woman. It was starting to look like something (great) that only happens to normal woman. I felt that my punishment was so great and yet it was something about which I was so focused. My life could not proceed without this.

Yet each time my hope was vested in the plan, a new egg donation cycle. My theory was that it had to work at some point in time. I learnt that even with perfect circumstances, sometimes the result would be negative. Each time, my criteria for an egg donor was really to proceed as quickly as possible.

Then it happened, a pregnancy. I was in complete shock. I am pregnant. After the news, I could not wipe the smile off my face. This moment had eventually arrived. It was not the exact moment I had anticipated (as this would really have been with the first IVF or even before that first trip to the fertility specialist), but it was the greatest moment and greatest joy known. You know joy when you know the same level of pain.

As I look over at this bundle of joy cuddled in my arms, I imagine this soul out there who gave me a tiny piece of her, and yet she changed my world. I don't know where she is and if she has donated again and I have not asked Jenny more of her, except that I am now whole and able to carry on again. My egg donor has blessed me and for that I will forever be grateful to her for changing my life forever, for making me mommy.

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