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Egg Donation Experience

I was super excited when I heard that someone had chosen me to be their donor, but also quite overwhelmed and nervous.  The staff at Medfem must have known this because they were always friendly and helpful and could answer all my millions of questions and explain the process to me over and over as I forgot what comes next.  Some parts of the process were more scary and uncomfortable than others, like going for the internal scans and the last few injections but overall it was quite simple and didn't interfere with my normal routine.

I only remember the first part of the day of the extraction where the doctor and sisters came to check on me regularly and explained the process and what to expect.  The process went exactly as expected and I slept for the rest of the day so I can go back to diving the next day.  I do remember waking up and thinking that I helped someone to get pregnant on that very day and the warm feeling I had at the thought.  This is what encouraged me to consent to donate again in the future because even though it can be a taxing process at times, it does not change your quality of life and in return you get to help someone to have a life they never would have had.

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  • Hospital

    1/3/2020 7:49:36 PM | Reply

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