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Flower of Your Seed

Being so closely involved with the egg donation process and the start of life is a fascinating and miraculous process.

It has become very evident that this indeed the work of God and we are merely making ourselves available for the gift of facilitating a new child.

The ultimate success of embryo development, implantation and growth is beyond us.  Whilst medical professionals are able to guide on this, there comes a time when their contribution is done and nothing further can enable the outcome.

So I have taken to carefully watching the growth of plants.  Some sprout and then wilter and others flourish.  Throughout the growth and development, we are faced with challenges to try to facilitate the successul outcome, the bearing of fruit - the ultimate objective.

Once the plant produces a flower, you know the fruit bearing process is next.  This is fascinating and nothing short of amazing to watch and see the growth and change on a daily basis.  Fruit that is not harvested does not stop the plant from its full production and so is the seed of life.  Eggs that are donated does not stop the body from continuing to release eggs.

I say to our young beautiful South Africa woman, your seed is your flower and this is your fruit.  Let your eggs become the fruit and joy of another.  To give some of your flowers which will keep flowering to another, sign up here.

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