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Egg Donor Committment

Once a person agrees to donate her eggs, it is crucial that she honours her commitment as so much happens after this obligation.

Emotionally, another person starts to think about this specific individual and invests hope that this unique person with these physical traits will help her.  Possibly the recipient has looked all over the world and felt a wave of relief and excitement of finding a person who resonates with her, a person whose genes most match hers.

After hearing of the egg donor's agreement to proceed, the recipient finalises with the clinic, pay their fees and settles any transport requirements the donor has requested upfront.  So the financial investment also starts. 

It becomes a whole world for the recipient.  The decison to proceed on an egg donation program is huge and requires the recipient to be at complete peace in not conciving with their own genes.  Leave is taken to be available at the clinic, houses are mortgaged and lives are changed after they know this process is going to start.

So donors are encouraged and urged to take this commitment seriously and understand the deeper dynamics involved and to honour their obligation.  This gives the recipient the chance of hope and peace that the process has the best opportunity of a success. 

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