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Egg Donor Do's and Dont's

Some practical advice received from one of our experienced egg donors...

  • Eat healthy food.  High fat foods, no processed foods.  See recommended options online.
  • Don't drink alcohol.
  • Have 1l of water a day.  If you drink too much you flush out the meds.
  • Don't smoke.
  • Don't do drugs.
  • Don't gym while on the medication as you will sweat it out.
  • Take your meds on time.
  • Listen to the doctors.
  • Care for yourself after the extraction properly, plenty of rest.
  • Be careful during sex, you are very fertile, especially after the donation until you get your period.
  • Don't miss doctors appointments, they are very important.
  • Don't lie, tell the doctors everything, it's important for the donation.
  • Be patient, as the eggs grow you will need to use the bathroom more often haha.
  • Don't be scared of the needles, they are so small you barely feel them.
  • If you have questions, ASK!
  • Be honest with your boss etc.  Don't lie to them about why you are off for 2 days, they will find out and it will be worse then just telling them.  If you don't want to say exactly what you are doing then tell them that they are going in for a "female operation".  They don't need to know more then that.
  • Setting reminders on your phone to remind you to take meds and go to doctor's appointments has always helped me.  You can also use the baby2mom app for this.
  • Book your 2 days off from work with your bosses as soon as you get your dates... Makes life much easier.
  • Have someone drive you to the hospital on the day and take you home once you have donated.  You are not allowed to drive afterwards.
  • Ask the doctors for the emergency number, SMS them if you have any questions or make sure you have Jenny saved on your phone - 084 465 8353.  They are always willing to put your mind at ease.

Always remember that you are doing this to help someone else, it's only 2 weeks of your time where you need to change your bad habits (if you have them) to change someones life... You can do it.

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