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My Egg Donation Retrieval

Good morning Jenny, on the way out the door, this little guy came to greet me.

I checked in and waited a bit to fill in forms and some administration.

Then to the wards where I put on my gown and got into bed for the procedure.

They wheeled me through and everyone was very kind and reassuring.  I must admit that when I went into the theatre room, I felt quite scarred.  Medical environments can be intimitating, but they put the drip in with the dormicim sedative and I was out in about two minutes.

When I came to, I just burst into tears for no good reason.  I wasn't particularly sore.  Maybe I just felt disoriented and sedatives are known to impect people differently.

I am back at the guest house now, I had some food and I will have another rest.  Maybe a bath in my jacuzzi bath in my room.

It's been a really great experience and everyone has just made me feel so comfortable and at home.

It's been my pleaure and really hoping the recipient gets her wish.

More on the egg donation experience can be found online.

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