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Egg Donors' Photos

Egg donation is required to be anonymous and the identity of egg donors may not be compromised in South Africa.
Representation from South Africa's Reproduction Association has guided that only childhood pictures of egg donors up to the age of around ten years old should be shown.
Accordingly, all adult pictures of egg donors were removed from egg donor profiles as at the end of 2010.  This is to ensure our baby2mom egg donor services remain professional and of the utmost highest ethical standards.  However baby2mom will still request adult photos of egg donors to be able to facilitate a good match or recommendation of possible egg donors upon such request by egg donation recipients.  This can be done by describing adult features. Unfortunately adult pictures of egg donors may not be shown/ sent to egg donation recipients, even upon request.  Please do not ask us to show adult pictures as we value our professionalism and offering of reputable egg donor services whilst ensuring compliance to appropriate bodies and legalities.
Access to the egg donor database and egg donor gallery of childhood pictures is simply by means of a request to baby2mom.

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