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To my Dear Recipient

I have always been an animal lover and have often joked that I have more time for animals than I do for people (hearing some of the horror stories on the news nowadays makes me more serious about it though).  I do volunteer work for an animal shelter and it makes me very happy knowing that Im helping to make a difference in something's life that would never be able to repay me.

When I signed up with baby2mom I didn't realise the full implications of my decision - I thought it would be a straightforward procedure, preceeded by a few trips to a gynae. I could never have imagined feeling the way I do as I write this message.

Being able to donate to you in Cape Town has been an experience on its own. I am very much a family girl and when my Dad and stepmom moved to Cape Town in 2007 I was devastated.  I was in the middle of my degree here in JHB and moving down with them wasn't really an option for me at the time due to other constraints.
I missed them terribly and tried to see them as much as possible but flights were not cheap and getting time off from work was a challenge so if I was lucky it was twice a year.

When Jenny told me about this opportunity to donate and that it would be based in Cape Town I was over the moon.  Not only is donating itself very rewarding,  but being able to spend time with my family while at the time time giving you the chance to have your own family, feels very good.
I cannot tell you how I appreciate your generosity and understanding by allowing me to stay with my family while donating.  It made this particular donation extra special.

Thank you very much.

Lots of love,
Your grateful donor

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