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Encouraging Our Egg Donors To Remain Local

Egg donation is a senstive matter and in the interests of all parties, appropriate care is necesary for all.  To pursue money, some egg donors consider traveling for egg donation.  As a registered and professional egg donation agency, caution is warned to all South Africa egg donors who consider travelling abroad for this process.  Whilst the motivation may seen noble, at the end of the day, we have the health and wellbeing of our egg donors in mind.

It may well be that the egg donation facility abroad is quite safe, but we do not have all the information.  Some of the key reasons, egg donors are encouraged not to travel for egg donation are as follows:
Donating your eggs within South Africa means that there are reputable fertility specialists who understand how stimulated ovaries look and even if egg donors have traveled within the country, they have access to other reputable fertility specialists who understand egg donation in their region should a medical enquiry surface.
Whilst egg donation is a safe process, limits have been imposted in the interests of egg donors.  Everything in moderation right!  Travelling abroad for egg donation means that there is no record of the egg donation process undertaken and the caring and gentle limits may no longer be appliable.
The South African Guidelines looking after egg donation also require certain controls.  These include appropriate screening for egg donors.  These are ultimately in the interests of the egg donor and egg donation processes abroad may not include such a counselling process to the detriment of the egg donor.
Egg donors are supported throughout by the egg donation agency, who is in compliance with the guidelines so already adheres to a minimum level of professionalism.  The absence of this control means that egg donors who travel may be open to abuse and lack of care and support.
Entering into a process of unknown legislative aspects opens egg donors to foreign territory, where they may be required to maintain a level of contact or openness to children conceived of such egg donation.  South African egg donation enforces complete anonymity so egg donors continue their lives after having been professionally checked after the egg donation process and no further reponsibility or input is required.

There really is such a demand for South African egg donors and the South African egg donation environment provides the ultimate level of control, care, comfort, support and professionalism.  South African egg donors are encouraged to apply online.

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