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Visiting South Africa for Egg Donation

South Africa is a sought after destination for egg donation and warmly referred to as egg donation abroad or afforadable egg donation.

There are many aspects making egg donation affordable and a reason for persons to travel for egg donation.  The sheer professionalism and successes of South Africa's quality medical care as well as the established egg donation process in South Africa.

Quality pre-screening by baby2mom egg donation agency ensures that the egg donor has consented in writing to the egg donor program and given her full upfront committment that she is in a safe and happy place to proceed.  Further controls in the form of a formal psychological assessment and updated blood tests are undertaken before any planning for the egg donor program gets underway.

The high success rates and feasable freezing of remaining viable embryos implies and means that recipients of donor eggs essentially have more than one attempt at an IVF program with donor eggs in the event of having such frozen eggs from an egg donor cycle.  So the male partner need not travel again for this leg of the treatment as the embryo is frozen, rather than the donor egg.

Reasonably priced egg donation agency fees further contribute and support the affordable egg donation treatments.

The quality, professionalism and expertise of the fertility clinics who specialise in egg donations - offering the best chances for conception through egg donation make travelling for egg donation or egg donation aborad a very feasble and viable option.

The seamless and close correlation between fertility clinic and egg donation agency ensure that both the recipient and egg donor are offered the very best and ensures that the high quality reputation offered by egg donation South Africa remains intact.

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